About Jackie

My name is Jacquelin, but most call me Jackie. I am an editor, a writer and writing coach. I love helping people and want to be a safe space for people who need help with their story or stories. I work with book writers, entrepreneurs and content creators.

I was diagnosed at the age of four with Systemic Lupus (SLE) and because of that I have a lot of disabilities. One of those disabilities is dyslexia which, as you have noticed by what I do, I have learned to deal with it. With that, I want to be able to give back what I was given when I was learning to read and write; encouragement, acknowledgement, patience and integrity.

About Mountain Girl Editing & Coaching

I want to be inclusive when it comes to my services. I used a system that I have called “H.E.A.T.” which stands for honesty, encouragement, acknowledgement and transparency. You can expect all these things in our time together, whether it be coaching or editing.

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